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Making Blogs Great Again
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/21/2017 13:43:32

MY Fellow Americans,

I'm going to be writing the best blog. Really, this is going to be huge.

For years now, we've watched this blog become overburdened with regulations, expensive fees, and roadblocks to its success.

It's also pretty sad that some moderators have spent so much time on Benghazi, it makes me wonder about the true nature of these people. In my first act, I'm going to investigate them, and make sure they spend a lot of time away.

We need to defend this blog against extremists - there's going to be a political 'test' for all new members. Liberals are simply going to be no longer allowed in here. And if you're already a liberal on this blog, you can expect a big gold "L" next to your name when you post.

New members are always welcome, but they have to come in legally. No more lurking! I'm going to make the code monkeys build a pay wall, so new members will have to pay for it!

I call for the immediate repeal of "Save to Cache", as that sounds suspiciously like mandated insurance and a safety net, and we surely can't have any of that.

Yes, this blog is going to be so great - together, we will make it stronger. Together, we will build up the membership...and yes - together, we will make this blog great again!!

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