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International Women's Day
Author: BobR    Date: 03/08/2017 14:56:34

Today - March 8, 2017 - is International Women's Day. Though some may think this is a fairly modern designation, it dates back to the early 1900s:
In accordance with a declaration by the Socialist Party of America, the first National Woman's Day (NWD) was observed across the United States on 28 February. Women continued to celebrate NWD on the last Sunday of February until 1913.


On the eve of World War I campaigning for peace, Russian women observed their first International Women's Day on the last Sunday in February 1913. In 1913 following discussions, International Women's Day was transferred to 8 March and this day has remained the global date for International Women's Day ever since. In 1914 further women across Europe held rallies to campaign against the war and to express women's solidarity.

Women have used the event to push for rights, for peace, and for equality. As women's rights and feminist ideals became more mainstream, the IWD carried less weight. With the advent of the pussy-grabber-in-chief, aided and abetted by a Republican congress determined to roll back all the recent advances women have made, there is a new urgency. The marches around the world the day after inuaguration bore out that "wokeness", that rights once gained must always be protected. Complacency and apathy are a guarantee of regression.

The bill currently in Congress to replace the ACA (TrumpCare?... RyanCare?... those both sound like oxymorons) is yet another attack on women. It guts funding for Planned Parenthood, even though the funding (much of it via Medicaid) goes for testing women for various diseases. By law, none of the funding is used for abortions.

To provide a distinct counterpoint, today is also "a Day without a Woman". Like the movie "A Day Without a Mexican", and like the recent "Day Without an Immigrant" protest, this is meant to show the world (particularly the troglodyte men) that without women, the world wouldn't function. The plan is that women are 1) Not supposed to go work, 2) Not spend any money, and 3) Wear red while in public (men can show support with that last one by wearing red as well). It's made a definite impact already in some areas. In the Alexandria and Fairfax districts of northern Virginia, the school districts had to close school today because so many women teachers asked for the day off. I expect there will be female-owned businesses closed today as well, and businesses of all sizes and types will definitely notice the absence of women.

Women are also supposed to boycott "unpaid work", so like Lysistrata, men may be making their own dinners tonight... as well as taking care of "other things"

Even the Statue of Liberty went dark... (okay - there's a rational explanation, but it's still a pretty cool coincidence).

Hopefully everyone is wearing red today, and appreciating all the hard work women do. Like Ginger Rodgers, they have to do what we do, but backwards and in heels.



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