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Film Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 04/21/2017 13:26:42

This week while flipping around looking for something to watch I stumbled upon 1776. I love this movie. I remember getting to watch it in school, for the Bicentennial I believe. It was a movie that I think had a big impact on me and the political view of the world I would grow to have. Sure its a sappy, over simplified, sugary view of the founding of this country but still it hit on everything that is amazing about this country.

I'm with Franklin, the national bird should have been the turkey

Another movie that had an impact on me was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

I mean how can a person not be impacted by that movie? Standing up and speaking out for those who can't is the most patriotic thing I can think of.

Honestly I think they need to show these movies in school again, though since they are old I only hope that kids could connect with the message the same way.

There are loads of political movies out there with positive message, what are some of your go-to's?


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