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To Bow or Not to Bow
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 05/21/2017 13:57:43

As we all know, President Obama bowed to the Saudi's when he visited, but Donald Trump refused to bow and reportedly told his staff that the first one that did would be sent home!


It's more of a curtsy really. Much more dignified and not at all what Obama did.

President Trump also won't bow to all this fake news about how he tried to get his FBI employee James Comey, to stop investigating him. When he wasn't convinced that he was going to stop, the president had him dismissed. He sent him a nice "you're fired" letter to his office while he was out of the office and alerted the media. He finds it adds more drama to the show but he still privately complains that the media won't play a dramatic lead-up musical sting to the unveilings. He often wonders if perhaps he should produce the news to make the show get better ratings.

Later today he'll continue not bowing to the Sauds by telling them to end Radical Islamic Terrorists and giving them billions of dollars. Let the saber rattling begin! MAGA!
America First! ™


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