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It is upon us.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/27/2017 13:14:28

This is what we are facing.

The Trump administration on Tuesday denied a request from several members of Congress to waive shipping restrictions to help get gasoline and other supplies to Puerto Rico as the island recovers from Hurricane Maria.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declined the request to waive the Jones Act, which limits shipping between coasts to U.S.-flagged vessels, according to Reuters. DHS waived the act following hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which hit the mainland U.S.

The agency has in the past waived the rule to allow cheaper and more readily-available foreign vessels to supply goods to devastated areas. But DHS said Tuesday that waiving the act for Puerto Rico would not help the U.S. island territory due to damaged ports preventing ships from docking.

This is unacceptable. I ask this question, how can they repair the ports if no one is allowed into to help?

In spite of reports initially that the USNS Comfort was on its way to Puerto Rico, that doesn't seem very clear this morning.
Political activist @@seagal_lori sent out a picture of the Norfolk, Virginia, based vessel with the caption: “What is the ship’s current position?” adding that at around 11 a.m. Monday it was at 36.93361 N/76.33004 W.

On Tuesday, Nathan Potter, of the Naval public affairs office, told The Miami Herald that the vessel was currently docked in Norfolk and had “no plans to deploy.”

This is what happens with a non-functioning Government. People have already died, and it is likely that more people will in the coming days. They have almost no drinkable water.
A week after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, most of its 3.4 million residents are scrambling to find clean water, with experts concerned about a looming public health crisis posed by the island's damaged water system.

On Tuesday, hundreds of people crowded around a government water tanker in the northeastern municipality of Canovanas with containers of every size and shape after a wait that for many had lasted days.

"This is the first tank they have brought here," said Juan Cruz, a local carpenter, who was helping to fill the vessels while a solitary green-jacketed official stood by. "That is why the people are creating such a commotion so they can survive."

MArk Cuban sent his Basketballs team plane (along with Players to provide some relief and the Rapper 'Pit Bull" sent his private plane to evacuate cancer patients to the mainland. The Administration has chosen not waive the Jones Act.

This is not Trump Katrina. This is Trumps Maria.

Sending what you can to the Caribbean.

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