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Happy Anniversary!
Author: BobR    Date: 09/30/2017 01:51:40

I know Mala wrote a blog this morning about our 10 year anniversary. The blog has opined on many events through the years, including the 2008, 2012, 2016 Election cycles, Sandy Hook, Trayvon Martin, Occupy Wall Street, Government Shutdown.

Kenny Pick over at Turn Up The Night turned his entire show this evening into a celebration of our blog. That was awesome of him to do that, and lots of fun. In preparation for the show, I went through a LOT of my past blogs and took notes of the ones I thought were really special. Naturally, with all the fun chaos, we never got to them.

So - with that in mind, here is a 10 year retrospective of my favorite blogs (the ones that I wrote)...

Whither Now?: There's no looking back
ReDeclaration of Independence: Modifications from one King George to another...
We Are the Change: A song that I have yet to record
And the Wall(st) Came Tumbling Down: The crash of 2008
It Takes a Planet: Going from it takes a village in steps up to the whole earth
White Like Me: pretty much what you think it is
In Defense of Big Government: Socialism works for some things
PAC Man - A Story For Our Times: Investigative journalism!
Romancing the Gun: Post Sandy Hook

I had forgotten that I had "regular" blog posts like the Friday Fun stacks and Good News Friday (happier news bits during the Bush administration - not unlike Fluffy Friday nowadays). I did the Science Stacks blogs, and "Under the Radar" (news stories not covered in the MSM).

I laughed at some of my more humorous or literary blog titles, like "Floaters in the Punch Bowl", "A Flower Blooms in the Desert", "What's the Matter with Arizona?","DOMA Arigato", "RBIs, not Home Runs", "Groping Grandma", "The Peanut Gallery is Nuts", "Deja Voodoo Economics", and "Beating a Dead Gift Horse in the Mouth"

There are other blogs that I found that I'm proud of too:
Another Tale of Two Cities: Comparing Afghanistan to Atlanta
What a Wonderful World: Musings on science and a lunar eclipse
The Pendulum Swings: Social swings that are darkly pertinent to the election of tRump
http://www.fourfreedomsblog.com/Blog.php?Act=ViewBlogPost&BlogID=208]Drawing a Line: The same crap we had with Clinton vs Sanders
Requiem for AAR Dream: The end of Air America
Support The Troops: All the horrible ways that troops were getting short-changed
What are we worth?: EPA valuating human life
The times... : Money flowing uphill
Life: An Obama election night baby boom?
Watching the Baby Drown: Correcting the "drown the baby in the bathtub" march
Detours on the Road to Oz : Liberal gnashing of teeth less than 3 months into Obama's presidency
You've Got (White) Male: Sotomayer nomination, and the white male reaction
Lord of the Flies: Republican voter insanity (re: health care reform)
Faith: Getting a new job when things were bleak
Taxes, Jobs, the Deficit, the Economy, and Everything: Keynesian economics
Iowa Declares Ennui the Real Winner: Doing the math on very weak Republican primary vote turnout
My Visit To Arlington: A sober look at a somber place
In Defense of Intelligent Design: Can't we all just along?

Here's to another 10 great years. For our other authors, please post your favorites!

EDIT: Here's the entire show!

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