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Fumble and Turnover.
Author: Raine    Date: 02/05/2018 14:00:42

I'm not talking about the Superbowl. This morning it has been revealed that a member of the Department of Homeland Security fumbles documents that CNN recovered and turned them back over to DHS for comment. Specifically, an employee of CNN found "For Official Use Only" documents in a seat pocket on an airplane.
CNN decided to withhold publication of this article until after the Super Bowl after government officials voiced concerns that publishing it prior to the game could jeopardize security for the event. A DHS official told CNN that areas for improvement identified in the draft reports had been addressed prior to Sunday's game and that the agency had "great confidence" in its preparedness.

"This exercise was a resounding success and was not conducted in response to any specific, credible threat of a bioterrorism attack," said Tyler Q. Houlton, an agency spokeswoman.

Juliette Kayyem, a former DHS official who now serves as a CNN contributor, said it was not surprising that the documents highlighted deficiencies.

She said such exercises are designed to expose gaps in planning and preparedness so that authorities "are better equipped if something bad were to happen."

Nonetheless, she said, the misplacement of the documents was "a really stupid thing."

"Who knows who else could have picked this up," she said.

"The biggest consequence of this mistake," Kayyem said, "may have less to do with terrorists knowing our vulnerabilities and more to do with confidence in the Department of Homeland Security. In the end, confidence in the federal government at a time of crisis is what the American public deserves."
This was a lazy mistake and thankfully CNN took special caution regarding it. It does lead me to question how seriously these issues are being taken. DHS was luckier than the Patriots when it came to fumbles and turnovers, and I hope this was just a one-off mistake.

Congratulations to the Eagles for winning Superbowl 52. What was your favorite commercial?

It's Monday, let's buckle up and get this show started.




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