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A Civil 4th
Author: BobR    Date: 07/05/2018 15:38:04

A few days ago, right-wing nutjob propagandist Alex Jones made the bold (and absurd) proclamation that the "leftists" were going to start a new "Civil War" on the 4th of July. Like all of his nonsense it was based in nothing and of course had zero truth to it.


Just like religious nutjobs predicting the end of the world, the day has come and gone, and nothing of the sort transpired. I am sure that Jones is patting himself on the back and thinking (and likely saying) that by getting the message out there, he helped prevent it.

Modern-day liberals, however, are not the ones stockpiling guns and talking about "2nd Amendment remedies" - that's the right-wing. We on the left use the Constitution, governance, and legislative brilliance to (slowly) make our country more progressive. We've been stuck on the side of the road for a while due to Republican control of Congress, and now tRump is methodically (sort of) undoing everything President Obama did when forced to work around Congress (but still within the law). We know the pen is mightier than the sword.

Of course, the left tends to be smarter and wittier than the right, and made wonderful fun of this paranoid stupidity



There are plenty more out there. Paste your favorites in the comments!

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