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The RLTF Needs YOU!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 08/12/2018 15:04:57

I'm ready to sign up for Jeff Session's new Religious Liberty Task Force to protect "Nuns from being forced to buy contraceptives". While I was on vacation - passed out for the last 3 weeks - I missed a lot of news, so you can imagine my consternation when I discovered this outrageous assault on our religious freedoms! Those poor nuns! Oh the horror!

According to the DOJ, General Sessions said that we need this police force to protect people who bake cakes and such:

The task force will help the department fully implement our religious liberty guidance by assuring that all Justice Department components...are upholding that guidance in the cases they bring and defend, the arguments they make in court, the policies and regulations they adopt, and how we conduct our operations. That includes making sure our employees know their duties to accommodate people of faith.

We are leading the world in so many area's and now we can add new idea''s for protections: religious police, space force... it's all so exciting! Don't you already feel safer?

Of course non of this will happen if Trump has to shut down the Government thanks to Democrats who won't let him do ANYTHING! They won't even let him build the wall which will benefit all Americans. The wall would keep all those sneaky lawn care people and hotel workers from coming over and taking our jobs and joining MS13.

Recently the President went to Pennsylvania and told us his great idea to trick the Dems into building the wall. He really is brilliant:

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Just tell them he doesn't want it, then they will build it. So smart.

Speaking of people sneaking into this country, whether by jumping over walls, over extending VISA's or by the horrible "Chain Migration" that allows them to come over and try to change America, the Four Freedoms family would like to welcome Melania Trump's parents to America. I would tell you their names, but honestly, they are unpronounceable. Something like Viktor and Amajonojika or whatever. We pray that they'll accept American values and get normal names like Vince and Amanda.

Speaking of Melanie Trump, has anyone seen Baron? Is he still around? We never see him travel with the President and First Lady. Perhaps he's already running one of the Trump empires and busy with that.

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