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They know.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/19/2018 13:00:54

There are men (mostly) of a certain age that simply don't get it. There are men who know better. There are men who know better and refuse to do better. There are a good number of men on the Senate Judiciary Committee who sat in front of Anita Hill as she testified about sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas. That was 27 years ago. They had 27 years to learn, and they didn't.

They know full damn well that Dr. Blasey Ford is telling the truth. They know why she is asking the FBI to re-open its investigation of Kavanaugh. They know why they withheld his background files. They know what he did.

They know that no woman would go to a marriage counselor 6 years before Kavanaugh's nomination and talk about attempted rape as some sort of setup to prevent, from the past, a future SCOTUS nomination. They know.

What has my stomach turning these past few days is that some don't care. The taste of ultimate power is a high that they can't help but chase and no life matters in that quest.

Conservatism is an addiction to power, and women (anyone other than white men like them, to be more specific) are just a bump in the road to them.

They know, they don't care. While the current occupant of the White House is in power they don't even have to pretend or act like they care. They are gladly enabled by a sexual predator. He's the pusher man.

Vote like your life depends on it in November, because it does.



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