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She's telling the truth.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/26/2018 12:59:05

She's not lying. She's not confused. She told people long before he was nominated. One person asked her about it earlier this year. These are sworn and signed declaration that are now with the Senate judiciary committee. One part, in particular, caught my attention.
In another declaration, Keith Koegler said Ford revealed the alleged assault to him in 2016, when the two parents were watching their children play in a public place and discussing the “light” sentencing of Stanford University student Brock Turner.

“Christine expressed anger at Mr. Turner’s lenient sentence, stating that she was particularly bothered by it because she was assaulted in high school by a man who was now a federal judge in Washington, D.C.,” Koegler said.

“Christine did not mention the assault to me again until June 29, 2018, two days after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation from the Supreme Court of the United States,” he said.

On that day, Koegler said Ford revealed to him in an email that the person who had assaulted her in high school was President Donald Trump’s “favorite for SCOTUS.”

In his response email, Koegler wrote, “I remember you telling me about him, but I don’t remember his name. Do you mind telling me so I can read about him?”

Ford’s emailed response: “Brett Kavanaugh.”

If Dr. Ford told her circle of people. surely the GOP knows as well. This is an abomination and a pox upon our country. They know she's telling the truth. They know what he's done.




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