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How Many is Too Many?
Author: BobR    Date: 09/27/2018 13:36:57

When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegations of an attempted rape by SCOTUS nominee Bret Kavanaugh when he was a high school student first came to light, there were a lot of people who dismissed them as "he said / she said". The Senate almost immediately release a list of 65 people who would vouch for his angelic behavior, as if they were anticipating this ahead of time.

In the last day or so, it has become "he said / she said / she said / she said / she said / she said". One wonders how many more will come forward, now they know they aren't alone.

As of this writing, his accusers are:

- Dr. Ford: Beyond her own testimony today, she says she has 4 people who can corroborate her story

- Deborah Ramirez: Who is willing to testify if there is an FBI investigation

- Julie Swetnick: Who witnessed Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct and was gang-raped at a party he attended

- Anonymous: Not yet identified, she claims she, her daughter, and 3 other witnesses saw Kavanaugh assault a friend of hers in a sexual manner

- Anonymous: Not yet identified, she claims she was sexually assaulted on a boat by Kavanaugh and another man (likely Mark Judge) in 1985.

Dr. Ford has already released her opening statement for today's hearing. The all-male Republican Senator bridgade, in a very transparent effort to not be the "bullies" trying to smear and discredit Ford, have enlisted a female prosecutor to do their dirty work.

One has to ask - how many is too much? How many more accusers need to come forward before either the Senate or Kavanaugh decides this isn't worth it, and that he should not be a SCOTUS justice? Today will be interesting, and - one hopes - the end of this disgusting proceeding.


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