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Yes, this is real.
Author: Raine    Date: 11/28/2018 13:59:22

There are times when I sit back and contemplate about the days we are currently in. I ask myself these questions:

'It can't be that bad, can it?'
'This isn't real, is it?'
Did he actually say this?

The answer seems to be, Yes.

Lately, I am wondering if what we know is just the tip of the iceberg. And, if it is, how long has this monstrosity been growing right alongside our state of consciousness? I admit there are days when I don't know if I want to know the answer to that question. It all seems overwhelming.

Truth is, I do want to know. Every day it appears more and more that this scandal is bigger and more grotesque than I could imagine.

Every day, I hope that sunlight finally shines and begins to disinfect this scourge of corruption that we have all been forced to witness on a personal level. I did not ask for this, you did not ask for this and yet we are forced to witness it, live through it and suffer from it.

Awareness is as much of a joy as it is a burden, sometimes, isn't it?





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