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The Constitution on Life Support
Author: BobR    Date: 2019-03-06 12:30:00

In years past, those in control of Congress would be sympathetic to a president of their own party. Since 9/11/2001, the powers of the Executive Branch have increased in fits and starts, as Congress finds ways to get around members of the opposition party. As a result, the concept of the "Unitary Executive" has crept closer to reality, with presidents increasing their power and taking actions previous presidents could only dream of.

In the hands of a level-headed, patriotic, thoughtful, considered, and intelligent president, that kind of power is generally wielded sparingly and only when absolutely required. Considering the current occupant of the White House - none of those adjectives apply. It's a scary point in our country's history, and all eyes are on the Republicans in Congress, wondering what it's going to take for them to reel in pResident tRump.

So far, it seems that nothing is bad enough for Mitch McConnell. He's craven enough to power to loathe opposing tRump, and has been the stalwart bulkhead against which any attempts to stop the desecration of the Constitution are dashed. The troops beneath McConnell however, are getting antsy about the abuses of power, and the usurpation of Congressional power, and may finally be siding with the Democrats.

With tRump's attempts at an end-around Congress on spending allocations, he's declared an emergency at the southern border in order to build his vanity project. Congress (particularly the House) controls the purse strings, and has passed a resolution to defy tRump's attempts. It looks like a fair number of Republicans in the Senate will vote for it, much to McConnell's chagrin:
While McConnell has long viewed a resolution of disapproval backed by Democrats as likely to pass the Senate, support for the measure is growing. Some senators and aides say they think it could get as many as 15 Republican votes, which would put it in striking distance of a veto-proof majority.

“Members of the Senate ought to have a real problem and not be flippant about allowing the president so blatantly to go around the Article I power of the purse. This is what separates us from the rest of the world. We have a rule of law,” said a GOP senator who put the high-water mark for Republican support at 15 senators.

New names surfacing as possible defectors on next week’s vote include Sens. Jerry Moran (Kan.), Todd Young (Ind.), Mitt Romney (Utah), Ben Sasse (Neb.), Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah) and Ron Johnson (Wis.), who all have expressed constitutional concerns in recent days, say colleagues.

The House would likely not be able to override the veto, but it would still put a chink in tRump's armor, and hopefully embolden Republicans in Congress to stand up to the Orange Menace.

Their buy-in is going to needed as tRump creates yet another Constitutional Crisis by refusing to turn over documents requested by Democrat-led House committees. Isn't refusing to obey a congressional subpoena a crime? That's yet another impeachable offense in the making. Are Republicans going to let him get away with it?

The world is watching.

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