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Capitalist Socialism
Author: Raine    Date: 03/11/2019 13:05:07

I believe in well-regulated capitalism. I also believe in (small d) Socialism and in paying taxes to make sure we have well-paved roads. We all pay for it. It's a social construct. We all pay to have good things for our communities.

We need to regulate our financial markets. We need to regulate the pharmaceutical industry. We need to regulate the fumes that are allowed to be put in the air (The Environmental Protection Agency was given that directive and created under the Nixon administration -- long before we were warned about global warning\climate change. That’s not socialism, that is regulating capitalism).

So, I hope people understand that when the GOP goes after Dems for being socialist, the GOP is failing to mention that it is a democratic socialism, not Soviet-style socialism. I’m 51, I remember the fall of the USSR. That is where the start of the debate should be, Imo.

We deserve to have a debate based on truth. There is no one proposing soviet-style socialism anywhere in the Democratic Party.

I'm willing to be a part of the debate. I believe in well-regulated capitalism. I also believe in (small d) democratic socialism. It’s much more of a foundation of our nation than many have appraised in recent history.

Capitalism works best when the government regulates it. Socialism works best when government regulates it. We are all better informed when we understand these terms for what they are without the outside pollution of partisan politics. I’m not going to lie to you. I am a partisan Democrat. I like what my party stands for. I guess that makes me a Capitalist Socialist.


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