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Full Animal
Author: BobR    Date: 03/28/2019 13:00:28

After the Barr memo came out (the dubious Cliff Notes take on the Mueller report), there was much rejoicing among the tRump supporters, all claiming he'd been "proven innocent", which is of course absurd. Former tRump staffer and full-time asshole Steve Bannon made the statement that tRump "is going to go full animal". I don't know what that means, but my immediate reaction (other than horror) is: how can he be an animal even more than he already is??

Of course - that metaphor is unfair to animals. With rare exception, they don't attack others in retribution, or encourage others to mindless violence. The list of his atrocities is too much to catalog here (the link lists quite a few), but would include purposely walking into the Miss Teen America dressing room, knowing that underage girls would be in various stages of undress, casually ripping of small contractors by refusing to pay them, accusations of rape, grabbing women "by the pussy", encouraging supporters at his rallies to attack the press as well as protesters, trying to violate the Constitution by controlling the press (unsuccessfully - so far), mocking the disabled... the list literally seems endless. How does one go "full animal" from here?

What all of these enablers don't seem to get is that although the Mueller report is complete, the investigations aren't. There's Congress, and there are numerous court jurisdictions which are under no requirement to stop. The Southern District of New York knows this better than anyone, and is prepared to keep at it. They certainly already have a ton of evidence of all of tRump's financial misdealings.

Like an animal, though, they are most dangerous when cornered, and tRump's relief will be short-lived. He may go "full animal", but not in the way that Bannon thinks. Things will definitely get worse before they get better, but I am a believer in the long arc of justice.


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