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Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/28/2019 09:56:28

Good Morning.

With yesterday being Memorial Day, the Army tried a wee experiment. In a tweet, they asked the general populace how serving in the military has impacted individual soldiers.

I'm sure they were looking for inspirational, life-changing stories about duty, honor, and sacrifice. While they probably got all that, it's the darker answers that are causing a stir.

My best friend joined the army seeking a greater purpose, but has only descended further into alcoholism and mental illness. He hasn’t even seen combat. There’s something very wrong with the images of heroism the army advertises to these impressionable young people.

— Melociraptors 🦐 (@Melociraptors) May 26, 2019
Oh, ya know, PTSD, depression, anxiety, nightmares- all from sexual harassment during my service that nobody was ever held accountable for. The master chief who could have ended it (but didn't) is now CMC of an entire Navy Region, but I got kicked out for reporting harassment. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Shentel Downes (@Ixtahb) May 26, 2019
As a mother, I was proud of my son as he signed up to serve his country during his last year of High School. He served 3 deployments in Iraq. That young man with his whole life in front of him is now broken mentally and emotionally beyond recognition and the Army isn't helpful.

— aunttea (@AuntTea04) May 26, 2019
Sexual harassment every day. Experiencing sexual assault. Protecting others from sexual assault. Sleeping w/ a knife @ night & holding my body against a door as a drunk male banged on our barracks door. A fear that never leaves me. That is how serving has impacted me.

— Hannah Funderburk (@HannahFunderbu3) May 26, 2019
My wife and I served in the @USArmy. We spent over 5 years geographically separated from each other. She was sexually assaulted on deployment and kicked out of the army for seeking treatment bc she was then deemed unfit for service. I got out bc her assaulters went unpunished.

— C & B (@johnsoncale1) May 27, 2019

It's unclear from the stories I've seen about this if these anecdotes are the minority response; nevertheless, they are the ones getting the headlines.

Moving on, if you saw Saturday's blog, you're aware the Anal Fissure spent some time with Prime Minister Abe of Japan this weekend. There was a disconnect, as our Dear Leader is now "not bothered" by recent North Korean missile tests. Japan, of course, is far more concerned - they're within range of those missiles, and Korea still bears a grudge and has a score to settle dating back to WWII.

TOKYO—President Trump said he wasn’t bothered by North Korea’s latest round of missile tests and the U.S. wasn’t seeking regime change in Iran, striking conciliatory notes on the two nations’ nuclear programs as he wrapped up his second trip to Japan since taking office.

In a joint press conference Monday alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Mr. Trump said he didn’t think Pyongyang’s recent launches were a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions while acknowledging disagreement with his advisers over the matter.

“My people think it could have been a violation, as you know. I view it differently,” Mr. Trump said, characterizing the tests as possibly an effort by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to get attention. That contradicted the stance of national security adviser John Bolton, who on Saturday said the launches, most recently on May 9, included weapons that North Korea is banned from testing.

Mr. Abe, in his comments, said the tests violated the Security Council resolution and called them “extremely regrettable.” After a moment’s hesitation, the Japanese leader pivoted to praising the president’s outreach to Mr. Kim on denuclearization, which has focused on developing a personal rapport and emphasizing North Korea’s economic potential.

But of course, there's other Trumpian fallout. Three years ago now, Dear Leader sent this tweet out while President Obama was visiting with Japan.

Donald J. Trump

Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he's in Japan? Thousands of American lives lost. #MDW

5:34 PM - May 28, 2016

I'd love to know how that conversation turned out this time around.


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