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Building the Case
Author: BobR    Date: 01/15/2020 14:22:59

Amidst all the noise surrounding tRump's latest unhinged rally, the Democratic presidential debates, and tRump's Senate impeachment trial, a little bit of news regarding that last item flew under the radar. It involves the information turned over to investigators from Lev Parnas (one of the pair arrested at Dulles airport trying to flee the country):

First, there's this:
The evidence includes a photograph of a previously-undisclosed letter from Giuliani to Zelensky on May 10. “In my capacity as personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent, I request a meeting with you on this upcoming Monday, May 13th, or Tuesday, May 14th,” Giuliani wrote.

House investigators wrote that the letter “makes clear that his trip, which he publicly described at the time as an effort to 'meddle in in investigation, was undertaken with the knowledge and support of President Trump.”

So this means that Ghouliani's involvement was personal, NOT as a representative for the government. This means that the request did NOT come due to tRump's supposed interest in corruption in his role as pResident.

In his personal role as tRump's personal attorney, and acting in tRump's personal interests, the message was delivered to Parnas:
The materials, provided to Congress by Parnas' lawyer on Monday, were released Tuesday by four House committees.

They include Parnas' handwritten notes on stationery from the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Vienna, the committees said. One page refers to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky: "get Zalensky to annouce that the Biden case will be Investigated."

The documents also reveal the extent to which tRump and team wanted to push out anyone who got in the way:
The Intelligence Committee also obtained messages between Giuliani and Parnas about Yovanovitch's firing — the day before she was told to come back to America.

"He fired her again," Giuliani texted Parnas on April 23. Parnas responded, "I pray it happens this time. I'll call you tomorrow my brother."

This new evidence will be delivered with the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. One has to wonder if Speaker Pelosi knew about this, and was waiting for it to be collated and examined before delivering the articles, and using Moscow Mitch's anti-constitutional remarks as tool to explain the wait. If so - bravo, Speaker - sheer brilliance.

Regardless, though - this evidence is going to make it very difficult for Republicans to explain their "not guilty" vote.

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