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Two More Weeks
Author: BobR    Date: 10/21/2020 13:05:23

We are less than two weeks away from election day. This is where things really start to get dicey, with dirty tricks and desperate moves being used to force the ubiquitous "October Surprise". Sadly, the surprise for tRump is that all of his attempts have fallen flat, and early voting is bigger than ever before. This kind of massive turnout does not bode well for him. However, that doesn't mean he's accepted his fate yet.

First was "Obamagate", which was supposed to blow the lid off of President Obama "investigating" tRump and his campaign illegally. The Justice Department (that would be tRump's lapdog AG Barr) investigated and determined it was a big NothingBurger. Next came Hunter Biden's laptop and - I am not making this up - his emails. This is proving to also be a big NothingBurger with a heaping side of borscht (yes, that's a Russian propaganda joke. I'll be here all week... try the veal... tip your waitress).

So tRump is out there trying to drum up support with his super-spreader campaign rallies. He is trying to convince voters that Coronavirus and COVID-19 infections are not a big deal, while hiding from Americans that cases are skyrocketing. He sees the crowds and thinks that means he has more support than Biden. You know who else thought that way? Bernie supporters. Large rallies do not equal votes. Regardless, he is trying to set the stage where if he loses, he will claim the vote was "rigged", and mail-in ballots were the vehicle to do so.

That has caused some bad behavior among his supporters. In California, the Republican party set out a bunch of non-sanctioned ballot drop boxes, claiming they were just helping. As to the real boxes, someone decided to try burning the ballots, and succeeded in damaging about 100. In Florida and Alaska, registered voters received threatening emails saying "Vote for Trump or else!". The email sender? "[email protected]". The leader of the Proud Boys is claiming it didn't come from them. Watch right-wingers try to claim this as an agents provocateur move.

While all of this is going on, Moscow Mitch is stalling COVID-19 relief, because he wants to ensure his... er... "tRump's" pick for the Supreme Court does not get derailed before the election. So yes - to him (and a sizeable number of Republicans), getting their ringer on the court is more important than thousands of Americans being able to eat and/or prevent eviction.

This is what the Republican party has become. Two more weeks. It will seem like a year.


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