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It's from the Inside
Author: Raine    Date: 01/07/2021 13:59:27

I'm still having a hard time absorbing what happened yesterday. I watched it, you watched it. Many of us have been inside that beautiful building on the hill.

There already is a lot of finger-pointing, rightfully so. I'll admit that I am among the people who wondered how these violent insurrectionists were able to get into that building. I want to know how this was able to happen. there is plenty of blame to be laid and accountability to be had. I'll leave the glaring institutionalized racism about this event for another day.

For myself, watching the events of yesterday, my feeling harkened back to another dark day of my adulthood. I've told my 'September 11 attacks story' before. I wrote about the disconnect i had about it upon finally getting home that horrific day.
Over the past decade, I have felt a strange disconnect about the events of September 11. I got home late that evening, and I watched more of the news on TV. I was trying to understand why and how people could be upset having not been there as I was. I would never -- and will never -- take anything away from how they feel; it was always just really hard for me to understand. I have no question in my mind that the families that lost loved ones probably think the same of me and my story of that day. I would have given anything to be able to have watched it all unfold at home.

I was trying to explain this to a friend a few weeks ago. She said, "Through the "miracle" of live tv, it wasn't some totally abstract event we could hear about in retrospect. We had a bird's eye view of all of the events as they were happening, and the horrible task of trying to sort out what it all meant for ourselves."
I suspect there are hundreds of people who were victims of this violent assault who will have the same disconnect I experienced. It took ten years. My heart goes out to them.

9/11 was a deadly series of coordinated attacks -- it was planned for years and carried out by 19 terrorists. Those men came from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon. There were 2,977 fatalities and over 25,000 injuries. Their leader was that guy President Obama removed from this planet. I won't say his name. He and his followers have scarred this nation forever.

Yesterday may or may not have been coordinated. Yesterday the people who tried to insurrect our government came from inside of our country. They are American citizens who follow their leader almost evangelically. I see it as a cult. They listened to their leader yesterday and we saw the violent, deadly, and terrifying results. We already have hundreds of thousands dead from the mismanagement by their leader on top of all those who were killed in the violent protests in the years of his occupation in the White House. The damage is incalculable and the scars will take decades to heal.

Yesterday, the violence thrust upon every person in the Capitol Building - and, by extension, the country - came from within. We are the ones we should be afraid of. May the goddess' help us all.


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