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Baked in the Cake
Author: Raine    Date: 07/22/2021 12:57:40

Yesterday, news broke that Speaker Pelosi would block 2 of the 5 republicans chosen by the Minority leader to serve on the January 6 select commission. From her statement:
“Monday evening, the Minority Leader recommended 5 Members to serve on the Select Committee. I have spoken with him this morning about the objections raised about Representatives Jim Banks and Jim Jordan and the impact their appointments may have on the integrity of the investigation. I also informed him that I was prepared to appoint Representatives Rodney Davis, Kelly Armstrong and Troy Nehls, and requested that he recommend two other Members.

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee.

“The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision.”
Boldface mine. She spoke to the GQP leader. He knew this was going to happen. She made no secret of the actions she was going to take. On Monday I wrote of the overall cynicism of the conservative movement. Yesterday was just another facet of it.

Naturally, for that party, they would take the next step. Now that they fully embrace 'The Big Lie' -- acting in bad faith is part of its genetic makeup. It's baked in the cake. It's who they are, and all they represent. He released a statement just before he went on TV.
“Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken the unprecedented step of denying the minority party’s picks for the Select Committee on January 6. This represents an egregious abuse of power and will irreparably damage this institution. Denying the voices of members who have served in the military and law enforcement, as well as leaders of standing committees, has made it undeniable that this panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility and shows the Speaker is more interested in playing politics than seeking the truth.

“Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses course and seats all five Republican nominees, Republicans will not be party to their sham process and will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts.”
He really embellished when he was in front of the camera. It did not go well.
McCarthy is basically taking his own ball and going home. His lies are so baked in the cake that he can't see that the Majority in congress has the actual game ball. So while the press claims that the Speaker of the House is being too partisan, know this: the most partisan event that ever occurred in the history of our nation is ongoing. The most violent event of it so far was January 6, 2021.

Kevin McCarthy is a member of the ongoing insurgency of domestic terrorism. He, like all others involved, has to act in bad faith. It's baked in the cake. Let them eat it.


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