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Two for the price of one
Author: TriSec    Date: 12/02/2023 00:40:43

Good Morning!

Well, got a couple of things on my mind today.

Firstly, yesterday I did something I haven't done in over a year, maybe even two. Yes, I was at my local YMCA! I shut down membership during covid, but as we started to emerge, I re-activated it. Could not get a pool reservation lap time for months on end, so I gave up trying.

But nevertheless, I am pleased to report that I still remember how to swim. But better than that, I spent quite some time in the sauna. I rather like the effect of 'deep sweating', one of the alleged benefits of sauna. I'm sure it's probably hooey - but given how toxic things have been for months, that sweat was thick, black, and oily. Not unlike Armas from Skin of Evil.

Sure felt pretty good yesterday afternoon.

But then there is some hope for a little optimism. You've seen the recent plea on behalf of Javi. But we're not doing much better on the home front ourselves this year. After a bountiful 2022, I had hoped to make enough money in 2023 to take some real time off this winter. But it never happened. We were short-handed and stretched thin during cruise season. I wound up dispatching nearly every big Saturday during the summer and fall, which meant no tours, and no tips. I did the math. We're somewhere around 5-6 thousand dollars LESS than where we were last year.

During winter, "full time" on the trolleys means somewhere around 35 hours a week. I can't pull that through the winter, so I started looking around. Despite some stumbles, I'm finally starting with the nationally-known Yankee Bus this Thursday. A couple of days of training, then a check ride and I'm ready to go.

They're already paying me more than trolleys just walking in the door. Much of the work is straight charter and transportation, with a very favourable premium/stipend pay structure. What intrigues me the most is the multi-day and long-haul tours that they do. I think that would be fun.

But I'm starting out part-time during the winter. Kind of a road test, if you will. If this turns out like I hope, there may be some changes coming up in TriSec's work. I've already told my most trusted trolley co-worker that "I have an escape plan now". He was a bit taken aback by that.

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