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Heads beginning to roll
Author: AuntAzalea    Date: 07/17/2011 16:32:03

Hi Folks:
Stepping in for a Sunday blog. This article is what popped me in the eyeballs. Please discuss amongst yourselves
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Who's minding the store?
Author: TriSec    Date: 07/16/2011 12:28:58

Good Morning!

We've got an absolutely perfect day breaking here in New England. The kind of mild, sunny day that will be just right for baseball!

I've done a lot of things throughout my scouting career, but today we're finally heading for an event that I have been intentionally saving for years. This afternoon, I'll be standing on the lush grass of McCoy Stadium taking in a youth clinic and autograph session...later on we'll be parading the Pack Flag out onto the field, then we get to stay overnight camped on the outfield grass! (I'll be making an attempt to live-blog the day on FB.)

Setting up for the trip was a thing of beauty; my assistant Cubmaster sent one email, and everyone responded brilliantly to make sure our tailgating happens without a hitch at about noon. Your cubmaster merely needs to arrive at the appointed place and time, and everything should happen automatically.
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Three Rings and an Elephant
Author: BobR    Date: 07/15/2011 13:01:23

It seems we've been writing non-stop on this blog about the ongoing debt negotiations in Washington. I say "debt negotiations" because the debt ceiling and budget deficits (which ultimately contribute to the National Debt) have been inextribably linked, even though they have traditionally been handled separately. As I wrote on Wed., the Republicans decided to bundle them together, and Obama called their ante and raised.
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Country First
Author: Raine    Date: 07/14/2011 12:53:50

Some days, words fail me. Today may not one of those times. Politico reports:
When Cantor said the two sides were too far apart to get a deal that could pass the House by the Treasury Department’s Aug. 2 deadline — and that he would consider moving a short-term debt-limit increase alongside smaller spending cuts — Obama began to lecture him.

“Eric, don’t call my bluff,” the president said, warning Cantor that he would take his case “to the American people.” He told Cantor that no other president — not Ronald Reagan, the president said — would sit through such negotiations.

Democratic sources dispute Cantor’s version of Obama’s walk out, but all sides agree that the two had a blow up. The sources described Obama as “impassioned” but said he didn’t exactly storm out of the room.

“Cantor’s account of tonight’s meeting is completely overblown. For someone who knows how to walk out of a meeting, you’d think he’d know it when he saw it,” a Democratic aide said. “Cantor rudely interrupted the president three times to advocate for short-term debt ceiling increases while the president was wrapping the meeting. This is just more juvenile behavior from him and Boehner needs to rein him in, and let the grown-ups get to work.”

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Painted into a Corner
Author: BobR    Date: 07/13/2011 12:52:55

Diplomacy is like a game of chess. You have to think 3-5 steps ahead when making your moves to ensure that you don't find yourself painted into a corner (check and mate). Some people - like President Obama - are VERY good at it. Others - not so much.
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Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 07/12/2011 10:36:08

Good Morning.

Today is our 3,037th day in Iraq, and our 3,565th day in Afghanistan.

We'll start this morning as we always do; with the latest casualty figures from our ongoing wars, courtesy of antiwar.com:

American Deaths
Since war began (3/19/03): 4472
Since "Mission Accomplished" (5/1/03): 4333
Since Handover (6/29/04): 3613
Since Obama Inauguration (1/20/09): 244
Since Operation New Dawn: 44

Other Coalition Troops - Iraq: 318
US Military Deaths - Afghanistan: 1,657
Other Military Deaths - Afghanistan: 921
Contractor Employee Deaths - Iraq: 1,487
Journalists - Iraq : 348
Academics Killed - Iraq: 448

We find this morning's cost of war passing through:

$ 1, 219, 624, 000, 000 .00

I do want you to keep that number in mind today, as the histrionics continue over the debt-ceiling debate.
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They Won't Even Let Them Eat Cake.
Author: Raine    Date: 07/11/2011 12:54:10

While the GOP fights to protect these people:
The top 10% wealthiest Americans -- the ones who hold 2/3 of the money:
Not to mention the very top 1%:
Source: Mother Jones

... It should be mentioned what the consequences of not raising the Debt Ceiling will be..
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News of the World
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 07/10/2011 14:37:26

Poor, poor Rupert! Seems he is shutting down his paper 'cause the mean ol' "Establishment" looks down on him for wire-tapping telephones of bombing victims, police and government officials and politicians. He figures that shutting down the paper and calling it quits - and firing a lot of people who did nothing wrong - will keep the rest of his media empire (including FAUX NEWS) scandal free. Good luck Rupert!
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Not Required
Author: TriSec    Date: 07/09/2011 11:09:15

A brief item this morning...I'm headed off to Spot Pond in a bit for a full day of kayaking. The weather is supposed to be great today, so we're hoping for 3 full sessions.

But let's talk briefly about Congress. Usually, this would be a recess week. Probably an awful lot of our legislators had to cancel junkets vacations so they could stay in the capitol and "work". Perhaps one or two 'town hall' events might have been cancelled, too.
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Sick and Tired
Author: BobR    Date: 07/08/2011 12:34:40

As noted in yesterday's excellent blog by Raine, the immediate and far-reaching outrage over a headline in the newspaper is premature, and likely misplaced. Once again, the purveyors of anger on the left against The Left have sewn mistrust against the best president we've had in our lifetimes.

It would be one thing if my fellow liberals and progressives looked at them as the loons that they are. Have they ever written anything in support of the president? We know that some members of the "Professional Left" are making money from the professional right, but we've covered that one before. What irks me no end are the smart, informed people that should know better that start blasting their emotional shotguns in all directions every time one of these writers spews out yet another angry screed magnifying some tiny (or imagined) misdeed by President Obama.
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