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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 04/17/2016 13:06:39

Velveeta is at a complete loss as to why my candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump is being treated so unfairly by both the RNC and the state of New York. Donald is clearly the frontrunner in both votes and delegates but in more than a few states the delegates get split unevenly away from Donald. In fact one state, Colorado (where they smoke pot need I remind you), Trump won the vote by over 200 Million yet every single delegate went to Ted OOze. Sorry, Cruz.
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Into the Woods
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/16/2016 10:49:08

Good Morning.

The troop is off to Acadia National Park in about two hours. (8am)

Acadia is the oldest national park East of the Mississippi, and it's one of the more unusual ones. Almost entirely on Mount Desert Island, the park itself was once the private playground of the idle rich.
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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 04/15/2016 12:52:43

After that last 2 days of organizing siding, gutters, terminix, and Dish I am happy to be at work but very tired.

I leave you very simply with this.

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Building a movement
Author: Will in Chicago    Date: 2016-04-14 08:04:27

An old cliche states that Rome was not built in a day. Neither is a political movement.

I would argue that we are seeing reactions to rising income inequality and a feeling among many Americans that George Carlin was right on at least some level when he made the following statement: "The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it."

The rise of a progressive movement in the Democratic Party seems to be a reaction to this frustration. Meanwhile, many Republicans are turning to a billionaire reality show star who sometimes spouts populist rhetoric about money in politics while denigrating entire categories of human beings.
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Wither the GOP?
Author: Will in Chicago    Date: 04/13/2016 05:22:47

Will Rogers, famous pundit and wit of the 1920s, was noted for having said "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."

If only Will Rogers could see today's Republican party, which is fracturing even more than the Titanic did after its run-in with an iceberg. The results of this year's political chaos is leading to events that no pundit would have predicted a year ago
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Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/12/2016 10:10:00

Good Morning.

Join me in the TARDIS for a moment this morning, won't you?

We're going to an overseas airbase. There's been an increase in deployment of an iconic Cold-War era warplane; B-52 bombers are being deployed to strike at an elusive enemy, perhaps as a means to end their capability to strike at our soldiers overseas, or indeed Americans at home.
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Stub :)
Author: wickedpam    Date: 04/11/2016 13:20:53

Monday Stub

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The NIMBY you know
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/09/2016 12:39:34

Good Morning.

Time for our first day on the pitch this season, so naturally we're going to dress for January Camp to sit outdoors for an hour. Ah, spring.
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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 04/08/2016 13:04:03

Happy Friday, geez its been a long week!

Today I'd like to feature what seems to be a pretty amazing kid. Hilde Kate Lysiak What ever she plans on for her future I bet she will be amazing!
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Safety Blog
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/07/2016 10:33:28

Hi all. Wasn't sure if anyone was covering today, so I thought I'd get this out there.
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