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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 11/10/2017 13:37:47

This has felt like a fairly okay week. Despite the national embarrassment of tRump and the GOP trying to take from the poor to give to the rich, I've felt a little more hopeful since Tuesday nights news.

I say this calls for a little red panda joy...

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We're Not Asking Anymore
Author: Raine    Date: 11/09/2017 14:09:00

Two days after our Virginian evolution I am still profoundly happy and optimistic for the future -- in spite of the wretchedness that is the majority party in Federal government and too many states (26). Something happened Tuesday
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A Seismic Shift
Author: BobR    Date: 2017-11-08 14:00:00

For better or worse, elections in non-presidential election years are generally looked upon as a referendum on the incumbent president. That was the case in 2010 when Democrats got trounced in many local, state, and federal elections. This was 2 years into Obama's presidency, and the ACA had just passed with great sturm and drang

Off-off year elections are generally not very closely followed, being that they are state-wide races and such. This year was a little more visible, being that the Commonwealth of VA was electing a new governor, and the the 100 seats in its House of Delegates were up for grabs. New Jersey also elected a new governor.

It's only 10 months into the tRump pResidency, but if this election is to be considered a referendum on our satisfaction with him, he is in deep deep trouble. The purple state of VA went solidly blue.
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Ask A Vet - Election Day
Author: TriSec    Date: 11/07/2017 02:19:11


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Monday Road Blog
Author: BobR    Date: 11/06/2017 11:45:40

We are on the road this morning, so consider this a stubbie (if anyone is feeling inspired, please feel free to post a real blog).
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The Many, Many Crimes of Hillary
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 2017-11-05 12:03:47

Or, “Lock Her Up”

Some people are consumed by all this Russia-gate nonsense. But there’s just nothing to it except a way for Dems to distract from the real crimes. When President Trump – who has the greatest memory of anyone - says that he doesn’t remember ever meeting Carter Page, who he also says was not a foreign campaign advisor, but simply an errand boy who would sometimes fetch taco bowls for other volunteers during the campaign. The President swears that Jeff Sessions knew nothing about trips to Russia or emails or, NOW JUST YOU WAIT RIGHT THERE…… Don’t you get me started on this fiction! Let’s talk about the real criminal, Hillary Clinton!
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Waiting for the Fall
Author: TriSec    Date: 11/04/2017 10:23:20




excessive pride or self-confidence.

synonyms: arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, hauteur, pride, self-importance, egotism, pomposity, superciliousness, superiority; More

(in Greek tragedy) excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.
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Freedom Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 11/03/2017 12:37:11

Best 11 minutes of 2017.
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Professional Liars
Author: BobR    Date: 11/02/2017 13:07:11

On Monday, the news broke that Paul Manafort and Richard Gates III had been indicted for a whole bevy of crimes, including what is essentially treason. A bit later we learned that George Papadopoulos had been arrested a while back, but was just now announcing a plea deal. The general consensus is that during the interim, he was wearing a wire to help Mueller gather evidence in exchange for the plea deal.

Naturally, the White House was gobstruck, and tried to deny and deflect with whatever they could. Of course, this incorporated Hillary Clinton, and calling Papadopoulos a "liar". The presser conducted by the always reliable Sarah Huckleberry Sanders was a demonstration on how much bigger a liar the tRump "Administration" is. The following is a Twitter thread by Seth Abramson, starting with the tweet below. I've copied it verbatim, and only formatted for clarity. I take no credit for what follows; this is ALL Seth Abramson...

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Good Morning.
Author: Raine    Date: 11/01/2017 13:10:47

I hope everyone had a delightful Halloween.
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