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Author: Raine    Date: 05/04/2020 13:10:12

As we begin another week, Please take a look at Tri's housekeeping post. Thank you, it really was long overdue.

While I want to come with words of encouragement, I search for some, and I find myself staring into an empty well. I didn't watch that mess of a 'Town Hall' last night. But the highlights are really disgusting. Can we stop pretending that he is not so far gone that someone is going to have to re-make Weekend at Bernie's as a horror film?

Since the very beginning of this occupation, I'd said that we were lucky we had not had a terrorist attack in our soil. This is worse. This is so much worse than anything in our lifetimes. He is farther gone than Reagan was. It's almost inconceivable to see how badly this national -- and global -- crisis has been handled in this country.

We are no longer united states and that lies right at the feet of the garbage person who has not one sense of caring for anyone but himself and those that leech off of him. They are the worst of mankind.

I can't say anything more as I am trying to protect my sanity every damn day. No one deserves this nightmare -- even those that think they like it.


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